Alex Benn completes a Diploma of Agriculture

From Alex

Health Workforce Queensland CEO, Chris Mitchell with Alex Benn

Health Workforce Queensland CEO, Chris
Mitchell with Alex Benn

In late 2011 I found out about the QRMFN spouse bursary so applied and was successful. Three years later I have completed my Diploma of Agriculture. During this time I have been managing a cotton and cattle operation in St George Queensland while my wife has been working as a GP registrar at the St George Medical Centre. The qualification has been a high point for me as I finished in the agriculture industry in July this year. My wife Karen and I are currently in the process of purchasing the St George Medical Centre and in getting to know my new roll as practice manager I met with Health Workforce Queensland CEO Chris Mitchell and his colleague Andrew Haywood. During our meeting we discussed QRMFN and its role. Not coming from a medical background myself, connecting the dots between Health Workforce Queensland and QRMFN was great! It’s fantastic to know that the organization that supported me in my old industry is also there to help me in my new one. So finally, thanks QRMFN for your financial support. I would recommend any spouse of a rural doctor thinking of doing some study to contact QRMFN.