Make Use of the Small Grants Program

Developing social connections and strong support networks is important for all people, young and old. For medical spouses, partners and families in remote and rural Queensland communities, those social connections and support networks are crucial!

Many medical families living in remote and rural communities live some distance from family and friends; their immediate support network. Therefore, the QRMFN Small Grants Program is designed to facilitate face-to-face networking opportunities for medical families in those remote and rural communities. This form of interaction helps to retain medical families and doctors within the remote and rural setting.  

Small grants of up to $500 (inc. GST) provide an opportunity for remote and rural medical spouses, partners and families to network; sharing information and sharing common experiences. The Small Grants Program takes a 'ground roots' approach to increase interactivity among its members at the local level.

See the Small Grants Program on the website for more information, including the flyer and application form.