QRMFN welcomes a new committee member

Sallyella and her family.

Sallyella and her family.

The QRMFN Committee are delighted to welcome Sallyella Sloss to the 2016/17 executive team! Below are a few words from Sallyella.

My husband Jack and I both grew up on properties near Goondiwindi and have heart for Indigenous communities and remote living. We arrived in Thursday Island in 2010 and fell in love with the location and community. It has continued to suit us as our family has grown to now include Chanelle who is 4 and Madoc who is 2. Jack enjoys the mix of medicine from being a remote island GP, treating PNG patients on Boigu and Obstetrics. Life on Thursday Island reminds me a lot of growing up in small communities in the 70's where kids are raised by the village and run free of most modern cares or pressures. 

The housing of all medical on call staff in one area, close to the hospital, has created a unique little commune of colleagues that I am so grateful for. Around our small grass quadrangle live 18 children, most of whom are aged between 1-5yo. It means that there is never a shortage of playmates, support, or a parent to have a beer with at the end of the day. One negative aspect of living on Thursday Island is that there is a high turnover ex-pats. It can feel as though you lose a lot of friends at the end of each year. But to combat this, Thursday Island seems to continue to attract wonderful people who are committed to improving Indigenous health and contributing to our community. I am so grateful that my children are growing up surrounded by such people and in this amazing community.

Amongst all these positives, there have been times along our journey that have been challenging. It is during these times that Jack and I have been incredibly grateful for the support of the RDAQ and QRMFN Networks. We would not have been able to continue living here without this support and being able to seek advice from amazing mentors in the RDAQ Network. It is such a joy to meet with dear friends and previous colleagues at the conference each year.