Have you heard about our Small Grants Program?

QRMFN Small Grants 'Meet and Greet' in Stanthorpe

QRMFN Small Grants 'Meet and Greet' in Stanthorpe

Living in a remote or rural community can be tough! In most cases you’re some distance from your immediate support network; your family and friends.

Why not make use of the QRMFN Small Grants Program to connect with other rural medical families?

The Small Grants Program is designed to facilitate face to face networking and social opportunities for medical families in remote and rural Queensland. There are small grants of up to $500 inc. GST available for events such as:

  • Networking lunch, dinner, morning/afternoon tea
  • Social family activity in conjunction with medical event
  • Social family activity independent of medical events
  • ‘Meet and Greet’ style activity for new medical family/families
  • Personal development and/or information sharing event

The Small Grants Program is a fantastic initiative to ensure remote and rural medical spouses, partners and children are supported.

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