The Queensland Rural Medical Family Network Committee consists of representatives of key groups within the community of rural medical families, as well as representatives of organisations that play a pivotal role in the delivery of the Network’s activities. Committee members volunteer their time to offer valuable input and provide a governance structure that promotes the continued relevance and sustainability of the Network’s services. This includes active involvement in identifying priorities and participating in future planning that meets the changing support needs of Queensland’s rural medical families. 

2017-2018 QRMFN Committee


  • James Constable


  • Lee Chamberlain

Committee Members:

  • Ross Finlayson
  • Naomi Griffiths
  • Anita Luland
  • Rebecca Telfer
  • Sallyella Sloss
  • Ivan Rollings
  • Katrina Coates
  • Lauren Scott
  • Lynn Mayo
  • Rachelle Hayward

Collaborative Representatives:

  • Marg Moss, Rural Doctors Association of Queensland (RDAQ)

Contact Your Committee:

QRMFN Committee members also act as representatives for QRMFN’s Volunteer Network. If you would like to make contact with them to discuss your ideas and concerns or just to have a chat, please call Health Workforce Queensland on 07 3105 7800 or email