External Services

This section contains a concise list of web links which you might find useful. A more comprehensive list of services and information providers relating to specific topics such as childcare, communication, transport and local information can be found in our Orientation Kit.

If you are looking for other state Rural Medical Family Networks, please go to Other States.


Health Workforce Queensland


Health Workforce Queensland is Queensland’s rural workforce agency, funded primarily by the Federal Government’s Department of Health and Aging to support primary health care in rural communities. It also provides financial support for the activities of QRMFN.


Queensland Health


Queensland Health is this state’s health department, providing a range of services aimed at achieving good health and well-being for all Queenslanders. The Office of Rural Health, situated in Roma, South West Queensland, is a unit within Queensland Health that focuses specifically on rural health issues and outcomes. Queensland Health, through the Office of Rural Health, is a co-funder and supporter of QRMFN.


Rural Divisions of General Practice

Divisions of General Practice are local networks of general practitioners delineated by geographical areas. Divisions support GP’s through the development and provision of resources and programs, educational opportunities and related services across all primary health care areas.


Rural Doctors Association of Queensland (RDAQ) 


RDAQ is a non-profit organisation which was formed to advance the needs of rural doctors and their patients. Over the years, RDAQ has evolved to take on a strong medico-political role and represents the breadth of Queensland rural doctors: specialist and generalist, public and private, procedural and non-procedural, Australian trained and overseas trained. 




The Bush Crisis Line is a 24-hour telephone support and debriefing service for multi-disciplinary remote health practitioners and their families. The service is staffed by qualified psychologists with rural, remote and cross-cultural experience. Phone 1800 805 391.




DoctorConnect has been produced by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing to provide a starting point for both overseas trained doctors who may be considering work in Australia, and for employers seeking to recruit them.


Department of Immigration and Citizenship


This Federal Government Department provides links and information on:

  • Forms, Booklets and Application Processes to obtain permission to migrate, visit, work, study or to extend visa arrangements to stay in Australia
  • Quarantine regulations regarding what food, plants and animal products you can bring into Australia
  • Australian Citizenship
  • Life in Australia with information on Settlement, Australia Customs and Law, Learning English, Translating & Interpreting Services, Employment, Health, Housing and Education, Local Government and Community
  • Migrant Resource Centres and Migrant Service Agencies


Australian Doctor’s Trained Overseas Association


Australian Doctor’s Trained Overseas Association is a non-profit organisation providing information and assistance for Australian doctors trained overseas.




The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) is Australia's only national foundation dedicated to the needs of rural and regional Australia. The FRRR is a philanthropic foundation, with an independent board, to help provide a viable social and economic future for Australia’s rural and regional communities. It endeavours to encourage innovative collaboration between business, community and government in philanthropic endeavours that will boost the economic and social well-being of regional Australia.


Live The Dream


'Live The Dream' is a new Australian lifestyle change website to accompany the newly-released magazine of the same name. This site features a range of information, articles and resources which can inspire and assist with the practical aspects of making a sea or tree change.  


Relationships Australia


Relationships Australia ( QLD ) is Australia’s leading provider of professional services to support relationships. It is a not-for-profit community based organisation, keen to assist individuals, families and communities to build better rural relationships, and does so by providing a range of services through an extensive network of office locations and outreach centres throughout rural and regional Queensland.



Please note that the web sites listed here are not necessarily affiliated with QRMFN. QRMFN is not responsible for any content existing on external sites.