Through our involvement with medical families who are new to rural Queensland, we understand that the prospect of relocating to a new country and/or community can be quite daunting. We also appreciate that it can be quite overwhelming and difficult in the early stages to know where to begin when it comes to sourcing services and accessing information related to many of the practical and basic aspects of settling in to your new community.

Our experience has shown us that the preparation and settlement phases are extremely important, and can impact upon future contentment and length of stay for medical practitioners and their families taking up placements in rural communities.

We believe that locally relevant and practically based settlement preparation and personal support can make a real difference in reducing the stress and uncertainties involved in the relocation process.

Settlement Resources

QRMFN has developed a wide range of practical tools to prepare and guide families, practices, agencies and communities through the transition process. These include:

  • Information/Fact Sheets – including practical and concise information on a range of common topics such as Aussie slang, Education; Finance and Rural Information Services;
  • Helpful Hints – such as tips for relocating with children and keeping in touch with family and friends;
  • Country-specific Tips – including country-specific advice for the families of Overseas Trained Doctors; and
  • Links to providers of local information.

These and a range of other useful resources are available for download in our Orientation Kit, which you can download here. You can also order a hard copy from here